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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of Equine Bodywork?

~Pain relief

~Improved functionality

~Fascia release

~Improved circulation 

~Relaxation--Stress relief~More efficient movement

~Improved posture, circulation, coat condition and muscle tone

~Immune system support

~Injury prevention

~Stimulation of the lymphatic system


How long is a session?

~Session times vary!! They are approximately 60-100 minutes but it is ultimately up to the client.... THE HORSE!  Initial assessment sessions and sessions that include BEMER and kinesiology taping take more time. The horse will let me know which areas they need work on and when they have had enough. First visits will run longer as I get to know your horse and do some preliminary assessment, but subsequent visits will be more efficient. 

PLEASE NOTE: sessions are not a whole body massage. The horse has many main areas of focus that need to be addressed on both sides, plus initial palpitation and stretches. My goal is to address the most pressing area of concern on that day and balance it with the most benefit to the horse to help them feel their best. As I work with your horse, I will become more aware of the area(s) they need worked and can devise a treatment plan for going forward. 

The booking section of this website allows you to book the service of your choice. 

Do you diagnose?

NO!! I am in no way a replacement for proper veterinary care. If you are concerned about an illness or injury, please contact your vet first. I provide relief and support to your horse, focusing on their musculature system. This is soft tissue work.

Horse care is a team effort, with you as their owner being their number one advocate - you know your horse best!! Also included in your horse's team is; your coach/trainer, vet, farrier, barn staff and any other professionals that you wish to include in your horse's overall wellness (Chiropractor, dietician, saddle fitter...).

What types of horses do you work with?

All types! Every horse can enjoy the benefit of massage.

Should I be present for my horse's massage?

You are very welcome to be nearby. If you are unable to be there for the appointment time, as long as the horse is made available to me, I can work on them.

I will give you a report after every session (so if you are not there you will have something to review). These reports are a great reference for your vet, chiropractor, coach etc. And you can reach out to me at any time with any questions.

How often should my horse get a massage?

If they are:

~Top level competitive:

          -> Weekly

~Serious training:


~Moderate work (3-5 days/week):


~Retired or pleasure use:

          ->6 weeks

~If they are injured or rehabbing:

         ->As per vet reccommendations 

How much is a session?

  • The Works  - $119

    • Includes; mark up photos and full body assessment report, Massage, Tension Release, Myofascial release, BEMER, RevitaVet PollCap, and Kinesiology taping if applicable.

  • Equine Bodywork - $99

    • ​​Includes; Massage, Tension Release, Myofascial release, BEMER, RevitaVet PollCap and Kinesiology taping if applicable.


*Reports are provided for all sessions including follow up recommendations (stretches, exercises, massage techniques, links to resources and more).

**Modalities used will be based on my evaluation of your horse's needs at the time of the session.

CLICK HERE to choose a service and session time

What methods do you use?

I provide soft tissue work using the following techniques:

     ~Equine Sports (Swedish) Massage

     ~Myofascial Release

     ~BEMER Therapy - Bio Electro Magnetic Energy Regulation (PEMF blanket)

     ~The Masterson Method techniques (Advanced Student)

     ~Balance Through Movement Method™

     ~Deep Fascia Release with Gua Sha tool

     ~Scar tissue reduction

     ~Limb swelling reduction

     ~Kinesiology taping 

     ~Reviatvet Poll Cap (red light therapy)

     ~Rockpods Glide (myofascial decompression tools)

     ~Red Therapy Pro RG600 (red light therapy)

***Please note: not all of these can be performed in one session. Use of techniques will be determined by me after assessing the horse.

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