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What have people said
Cristina's Equine Bodywork:

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"She has won her first 3 races and is currently the fastest 3 year old in Canada" Note: she held this title all season until she was off in Oct.

South Branch Stables

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"I am amazed at how quickly you reached her, how quickly she loved you. I haven't reached that level of trust with her. You do it by feel which is very rare. You have a natural gift."

Kip Jones

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"Thank you so much, Carmella's hind end was on springs yesterday wooo.... my coach was so impressed"

Mackenzie Rheault

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"Honestly the difference is incredible! I didn't actually get a chance to work her yesterday, but I rode her today and omg she was so soft, light, and supple right from the get go. So cool!"

Caitlin Dever

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"@cristinas_equine__massage not only taught me all of this 👆🏻 but gave me concrete exercises to help with strengthening thoracic sling muscles and as you can tell, I’ve been doing them! When she sent me the first snap from April I was so excited to take a progress photo because I knew right away there had been a huge change 🤩

Body work has been a literal lifeline for Opi and I riding the rehab rollercoaster this year and I personally think it should be a part of every horses routine 🧡"

Help us say the biggest thank you to @cristinas_equine__massage by booking your horse in for a session! I’m telling you… game changer 🙌🏻

Ashlee Fryer 2.0

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"Mabel felt amazing yesterday, she recently had a treatment from @cristinas_equine__massage and I’m super pleased with the results! She felt super elastic and supple 🥰"

"Thanks so much for a great session last night. The horses look like they're feeling great :)  Also I figured I'd mention how awesome River felt since his treatment! Had the vet look at him and he also mentioned that upper neck so I'll be getting chiropractor out and X-rays done! His treatments really make a difference!"

Katie Bell

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"Anyone who knows me knows I have always been a huge proponent of bodywork, especially when it comes to my horse. Chiro and massage have made a huge difference in Opi from the time I got him and have been a cornerstone in his rehab as well.

I was looking for someone in Ottawa who did more than one modality (type of bodywork) so that I could combine some of the endless appointments and also wanted to find someone that did k-taping after attempting it with him myself and seeing some positive changes.

Enter Cristina's Equine Massage - she does everything from BEMER to k-taping and I will tell you honestly I have NEVER seen my horse enjoy bodywork the way he does when Cristina works on him. Her pricing is super competitive as well thank gooooddd as my vet bills are still *crazy. She also writes up a fantastic detailed report on areas of tension, notes about muscle development and recommendations for stretching/exercises.

I think Opi says it all. We are super excited to be heading into show season (fingers crossed!) with Cristina's amazing help!"

Ashlee Fryer

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"Hi Cristina, Pilly was a different horse - back to the horse I knew.  He was mellow and cuddly and even allowed me to rub the side of his neck as you instructed without throwing his head up in the air.  We decided just to lunge to check out his movement and also because there is still heat in the front right.  His movement right off the bat was smooth, tracking up and we saw far more hind leg coming underneath then we ever have.  Not 1 trip.  My trainer was ecstatic as was I.  Your report is very informative. It is nice when your trainer worked at St. Hyacinthe as a vet tech and researcher as well as being the saddle fitter for your make of saddle.  All in all a great morning.Thank you again."

Karen Fresque

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"Hey! Bakari has felt amazing since his massage! I think he liked it so I would definitely like to book some more for him if possible:)"

Ciara Bowes

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"He raced faster than he has in 3 years!"

"He's 13 and won a race"

"He always went crooked and after you worked on him he went straight"

Armstrong Racing 2.0

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"He LOVES his Cristina time!! Now he always begs me to massage his poll when I'm grooming - but he says I don't do it as good as she does."

David Gayowski

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"Thanks so much for all of your work with Panda today! I noticed when I was leading her back to her paddock that she landed more evenly on her back feet. Fiona commented on how relaxed she looked"

Janine Crocker

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"Hi Cristina, just a quick note to let you know that the work you did for her last week made a huge difference! She is moving so much better!"

Gillian Philips

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"Thanks to Cristina's Equine Bodywork, Henry was able to make his transition seamlessly and continues to perform! I am so grateful to have such a dedicated, attentive, and hardworking individual on my team. Thank you Cristina  🤍"

Rayne Dubois

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"So the good news is I finally rode Felix and he was lovely. The bad news is he might need regular massages 😜 He even stood still for grooming!!"

Stacie Willson

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"Hey you! Kid is looking great! Normally he holds his head far to the right on this side and is quite stiff, today he is so much better! 🤩"

Liseanne Roy

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"Ry won 3 out of 4 over fences classes at Westar - the last class was my fault! Super happy with how he is moving! Thank you!"

Suzanne Tighe

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*sends video* "New man!"

Julie Tourangeau

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"I highly recommend Cristina's Equine Bodywork!! Had an amazing ride today! He has been super stiff in the last few rides but thanks to Cristina, he was much more willing and stretchy today❤️" 

Sophie Laflamee

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"He used to always be crooked to the left, he was straight after you worked on him"

"Do what you do for Brian's horses!"

"He's going great! Won his race the other day"

Mike Armstrong - Armstrong Racing

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Sylvia H. Kornherr, E.P.T., IAPFI, ESP, EqNutrition

"My girl Kara is doing great. Had the best hunt season yet!"

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